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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a great idea for a product. What should I do next?

Talk to us! We can recommend the best steps for you to take to get a prototype manufactured.

I don't have access to CAD Software. Can I give you a sketch?

Yes! For parts with simple geometry, a sketch or 2D drawing will usually suffice. Just make sure that the sketch shows all of the critical dimensions as well as the intent of the design. If you are a student, there are cheap or free versions of most common 3D modelling software packages available. Please be aware that we have limited resources to 3D model the part for you and it could incur additional costs.

I want to get a prototype of my design. How much will it cost?

Due to the numerous manufacturing processes and materials available, we cannot offer a list of prices. We will make sure that the part you need will use the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing process for your design intent. If cost is a concern, consider creating a scale model of your part or completing the finishing processes yourself, such as painting or polishing.

I want a 3D Printer. Where can I get one?

We have suppliers for all of the latest technology and can help you to import any devices you may need. Talk to us for the best solution!

How can I pay for my order

We are currently accepting Bank Deposits and Credit/Debit Card payments via PayPal